bb Royal Basmati Rice: The stroke of royalty to your everyday staples

Long-grained, slender and unique with a tinge of palatable nuttiness in its taste, basmati rice is signature to our Indian subcontinent. It gets its name from the Sanskrit word meaning “fragrant” due to its distinct aroma that tingles our senses with culinary delight. This white wonder has been a popular choice while preparing food for as long as man can remember, for its historic citations date back as early as 1766 when it was mentioned in the book Heer-Ranjha.

Where it is grown

India and Pakistan are the exclusive planters of basmati, where the former accounts for 70% of its world production. Geographically, its farming is centric to the most fertile regions of our country- Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Popular for…

Although basmati rice is most popularly known for its use in Mughlai preparations, it is now extensively used in other Middle Eastern cuisines, such as Arab and Persian. And how can one forget the delectable desi rice-based dishes made in our own country!

Interesting fact

The distinct aroma of basmati rice can be attributed to the presence of a certain chemical compound that is 12 times higher in this variant as compared to its non-basmati counterparts.

The age factor

Just like wine and scotch, rice too gets better with age and as far as basmati is concerned, its years of existence determine which dishes it is most ideal for. Ageing of the basmati not only enhances the aroma, texture and slenderness of the rice, but it also reduces the moisture content, thereby making it non-sticky, every kernel stands separately. This is why the oldest, slender varieties are sought after for biryani preparations, while the younger ones are preferred for making kheer, etc. They can be fuller and retain more of the sweet milk.

What BB Royal offers

In India, the rice is often further segmented by its grain size, where fully grown varieties are pure basmati, whereas dubar, tibar, and kinki (mogra varieties) are the broken variants, but longer than 75%, 60% and lesser of the full length respectively.

bb Royal brings all of the following varieties to your doorstep with its extensive range of the exquisite basmati. It offers you the most-suited alternative for every preparation, for there is a rice specially curated to add that extra dollop of special to all your occasions.

Harvested with immense care and precision in the rice-bowl belt of India, Punjab, Haryana and Uttarakhand, you need to look no further for your daily needs. Buy your Everyday and Mogra rice right here… This variety can make your kids grin ear to ear with a new curated delight every day. For all those memorable days that are worth cherishing for years to come, whether it is a festive occasion, or you’re simply entertaining guests, our premium collection is at your disposal to display the best possible mehman nawazi. For those beautiful weekend evenings when you feel like brewing up a home-cooked meal for family and digging the pathway from their stomach into their hearts extra-deep, we have an extra special dubar variety right here.

The table below will help you decide which rice to buy based on the dish on your mind-


bb Royal Super Premium Basmati Rice 24 14 Very High Biryani
bb Royal 1121 Dubar Basmati Rice 24  9 Very High Pulao and Fried Rice, Jeera Rice, Ghee Rice
bb Royal Premium Basmati Rice 12 10 High Pulao and Fried Rice, Jeera Rice, Ghee Rice
bb Royal Mogra Basmati Rice 12  7.5 Medium Rajma Chawal, Dal Chawal, Khichdi, Kheer
bb Royal Everyday Basmati Rice 6 to 12  9 Low Rajma Chawal, Dal Chawal, Khichdi, Kheer


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