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5 Unique Navratri Fasting Recipes

Navratri is one of the most celebrated festivals across India. At the beginning of autumn every year, people worship Goddess Durga to honour the victory of “Good over Evil”. The 10 days and 9 nights revelry are dedicated to the multiple avatars of Goddess Parvathi and each part of India rejoices it in a different way. Along with the gaieties, fasting is greatly observed this time around. Here we bring to 5 unique Navratri fasting recipes…

But first, let us throw light on the significance of fasting…

Fasting is one of the important parts of this festival and is undertaken by most of the people for 9 days or even on the first and the last day based on their beliefs. They keep the vrat (fasting) by having food made from ingredients which are considered auspicious during festivals, such as dairy, selected vegetables and fruits and specific kinds of flour and rice.

Benefits of fasting:
• Enhances brain function.
• Cleans and improves the digestive process, which helps in better metabolism.
• Builds immunity.
• Clears toxins from your body and much more.

Here are a few unique Navratri fasting recipes you can try:

Savoury bites 

Potato Quiche

Potato is one of the staples for fasting. This mouth-watering dish not only fills you up but also gives you enough strength to carry on your routine. The appearance along with the taste of this dish will appeal to both elders and kids.

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A simple yet healthy barnyard millet recipe which is wholesome and fulfilling. This millet, also known as Sanwa rice is high in iron, fiber and protein, thus making it an excellent alternative food during fast.


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Navratri special bites

This recipe is a perfect hot and spicy snack for the entire family to munch on. Buckwheat flour, also referred to as Kuttu contains antioxidants and is high in amino acids, while paneer being a dairy product is full of calcium and also makes you full.

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Pumpkin Sabudana Kheer

A subtle and flavourful delicacy which can be had all day to keep you going during the fast. Sabudana is an all-time favourite for making amazing fried snacks and khichdi. It’s light on your tummy and boosts your energy too.

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Coco Delight

A mouthful of goodness filled with khova and dry fruits, with crunchy coconut keeping you energized. Coconut is healthy, tasty and most used for desserts and savouries for its nutritional benefits. Dry fruits are a constant all-day snack for all ages. They are loaded with nutrition and keep you active.

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Wishing you all a happy and healthy Navratri!

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