7 Breakfast recipes for weight loss

Is losing weight on your mind? By now you must have figured out that 80 percent of the effort lies in what you eat. But, most often, that is where the challenge comes in. With so many indulgent and mouth-watering options out there and outside food literally at your fingertips, it is a hard balance. How about you take baby steps and start your day on a healthy note instead? To egg you on your path to fitness, we have roped in Kejal Sheth, Nutritionist, Weight Management Expert and Founder of Nutrivity.in who shares some effective weight loss breakfast recipes.

Sprouts dhokla

Enjoy the go-to diet food in a different form! This dhokla is a double treat when it comes to nutrition as it has the goodness of sprouts and spinach. While the combination of iron and protein gives that extra shot of energy for the day, the green chillies, curry leaves and seasonings bring about the perfect balance of flavour.

The breakdown:

  • Energy-40kcal
  • Protein-2g
  • Carbohydrate-5g
  • Fat-1.5g

Click here for the recipe 

Poha Rava Idli

Not that your regular idli is unhealthy, but this one takes the nutrient quotient up a notch. Whipped from semolina, poha and urad dal, it is lighter in calories but filling at the same time. While this dish requires some prep time, the cooking time is relatively shorter. In other words, you have to soak and blend overnight and when the morning comes, you just have to steam it for around 10 minutes. Your piping hot poha rava idli is ready.

The breakdown:

  • Energy- 200kcal
  • Protein- 5.7g
  • Carbohydrate- 40g
  • Fat- 0.14g

Click here for the recipe.

Sweet potato upma

Need your dose of sweetness? This sweet potato upma is ideal to begin your day with. The root is packed with nutrients, antioxidants as well as fibre that will keep you full for a longer time. The added bonus of this wonder is that it is a meal in itself. Just garnish with onion, coconut and seasoning of your choice and you are good to go!

The breakdown:

  • Energy- 200kcal
  • Protein- 1.4g
  • Carbohydrate- 22g
  • Fat- 11g

Click here for the recipe

Rice and cucumber pancakes

This breakfast dish is as healthy as it sounds. And it does not lag behind in the taste factor either. Whisk in rice flour, grated cucumber, potato and besan. For that added taste, throw in some chopped coriander and green chillies. Cook this like your regular pancake and you have something nutritious and diet-friendly on your plate.

The breakdown:

  • Energy- 122kcal
  • Protein-2.8g
  • Carbohydrate-21g
  • Fat-3.2g

Click here for the recipe.

Banana nut oatmeal

This recipe is as easy as ready-made packed food. The difference is that unlike the latter, it is wholesome and nutritious. While the oats will give you the fuel to run for the day, the dry fruits and banana make the dish a powerhouse of nutrition whereas the honey and cinnamon bring in the desired sweet touch.

The breakdown:

  • Energy- 65kcal
  • Protein-5g
  • Carbohydrate-17g
  • Fat-4g

Click here for the recipe.

Mini jowar pancakes

Known as a superfood, jowar has many health benefits packed into it. The little grain is believed to improve digestion and boost immunity and also keeps one filling full for longer. So needless to say, this goodness forms the ideal breakfast meal. And when topped with onions, curd, cucumbers and green chillies, it makes for a delicious dish too.

The breakdown:

  • Energy-43kcal
  • Protein-2g
  • Carbohydrate-7g
  • Fat- 2g

Click here for the recipe. 

Carrot cabbage open toast

Pressed for time? No issues, just grate some carrot and cabbage, mix it with green mint chutney (that you can prepare the night before and stack in your fridge) and slather it all on brown bread before toasting it on one side. It’s a great way of sneaking in those vitamins and other nutrients into your meal.

The breakdown:

  • Energy- 75kcal
  • Protein- 3g
  • Carbohydrate- 15g
  • Fat- 3g

Click here for the recipe. 

So there you have it, weight loss breakfast ideas offer a fine balance of health and taste.

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  1. Minarva Tripathi

    Nice and thoughtfull recipes
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    Thanks team big basket for compiling such good recipes

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    Loved the sprouts dhokla!!

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    Liked the recipes and will try out some of these.thanks for sharing 👍

  4. Samriti Abrol

    Recipes r good but only few ingredients are mentioned, vl love to have full ingredients list.

  5. Recipes look good, would love to experiment for a whole week. Only I will have to manage with ingradients available at home. Keep up the good work.

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