Jackfruit – World’s largest edible fruit

Speaking of a large edible fruit that can be consumed by the entire family, one name that anyone can suggest is definitely jackfruit. This tropical fruit is not only unique but also delicious. Want to hear something interesting? Well, you can consume its seeds too. Yes, you heard it right! This amazing delight is grown in various parts of India and other countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Africa, Australia, the Philippines, and Brazil.

Unlike other fruits, its rind resembles a porcupine (don’t worry, it won’t prick you!). That is because this yellow or greenish skin is spiky. The bulbs inside a jackfruit are yellow in colour. You may sometimes find around 500 of them inside the same. The jackfruit basically comes in two kinds – the ripe one whose bulbs are sweet and slimy and the other one that has got crisp flesh that isn’t sweet. The latter is used as a substitute for meat.

The best part about this fruit is its amazing aroma that lingers through whenever it is brought inside the house. If you are tired of taking out the bulbs alone, then bring in a few more of your family members and friends to help you in the same. But wait! Don’t forget to grease the knives and your hands with some oil before doing so. Moreover, you can definitely keep the seeds for further consumption.

Health benefits of jackfruit

Fruits never disappoint us when it comes to managing our health. Well, the jackfruit is no less in this regard. It is a great source of vitamin C and various other necessary nutrients. To know more, check out the points below:

  1. Jackfruits are rich in potassium and hence, they help control blood pressure. They reduce tension in the walls of the blood vessels inside the human body.
  2. They have a low glycemic index (GI) and are a great source of fibre. As a result, they help in managing blood sugar levels.
  3. They are rich in antioxidants which help the human body to be immune from diseases. They also protect the cells from stress and inflammation.
  4. As mentioned earlier, jackfruits are a source of vitamin C and help reduce the risk of chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, etc.
  5. Jackfruits also help keep cholesterol levels in check. That is because they have flavanones that are anti-inflammatory in nature.
  6. Consuming this fruit can also help tackle skin problems like ageing. In fact, there is evidence that it helps slow down ageing.
  7. Jackfruits also have anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that help heal wounds faster.
  8. This fruit is a great source of fibre and hence, helps regularize bowel movements to prevent constipation.

Other uses of jackfruit

The extracts, roots, and other parts of this fruit are mostly used in Sri Lankan and Indian medicines. Although they have not been proven scientifically, these medicines are used to treat conditions like asthma, stomach ulcers, diarrhoea, etc.

Jackfruit season in India

Jackfruit production usually takes place in our country during the monsoon season. The main reasons to consume this delightful fruit are between June to August and again between September to December. For the unversed, India is the second-largest producer of jackfruits in the world. It is mostly grown in the Southern and Eastern regions of the country. Moreover, do you know that it is the national fruit of Bangladesh? Leave your feedback in the comments section.

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20 comments on “Jackfruit – World’s largest edible fruit

  1. One more point. Do not drink water with jackfruit, otherwise you will have stomachache. Drink after an hour or so. Thanks for this lovely information.

  2. Swapnil Harshraj

    When will jackfruit ripped will be available on big basket eagerly waiting 😋😋

  3. Dr Anu s

    Its taste awsm really beneficial for health,sweet ripe jackfruit..

  4. Gurpreet Kaur


  5. P. S. Kharbanda

    There is similar fruit called Durian and available in South East Asia. Why is it not grown in India? Personally I find duriyan better than jackfruit. Would love to buy if available here.

    • munira .

      The health benefits are more, If you buy seasonal fruits grown locally. Non-season fruits and exported fruits do not have any kind of health benefits whatsoever. Like sugar it just tastes good , but an health disaster.


    Well calibrated reply and it’s usefulness

  7. Its fruiting season in east/north India is February till May, when its consumed as vegetable. Thereafter it’s taste turns sweet and by July gets fully ripe..due to weight and maturity, fully ripe fruit will fall down on its own from tree (if not plucked) by end of July

  8. Colonel Prem K Sharma

    Excellent Health fruit incl seeds . I hv been eating it for Last 50 yrs . Seeds r good Snax ….Green fruit can b used as tasty cooked vegetable

  9. Nazleen Ali

    It’s very tasty when it’s ripe it’s juice can be used to make ice cream

  10. Prishla Varghese

    Every home in Kerala has a tree and there are four varieties of it. The best is jackfruit chips. It’s seeds are fried too and it’s yum.



  12. Trupti Ray

    Waiting for jackfruit, ice apple, ash gourd ,wood apple etc

  13. Nurani Iyer

    Jack fruit is best fruit to consume .which keeps away the doctor.

  14. Abhilash Krishnan

    Good fruit

  15. Abhilash Krishnan

    Good fruit from Kerala

  16. Nisha Roy

    Waiting waiting❤️🤤

  17. Humera Lari

    Waiting for riped jackfruit. Thanks big basket

  18. Roopa joseph

    Every part of this tree n fruit is great value even the leaves are used as spoons in kerala

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