6 Local fruit celebrities for a fitter you

Turns out, it is not only an apple a day that keeps you away from the doctor. Stick to your seasonal fruits on a regular basis (in moderation of course) and you will be amazed at how good you will feel from within and look from the outside! Here, Kejal Sheth, Nutritionist, Weight Management Expert & Founder of Nutrivity.in throws light on some of the local fruit celebrities that you might have thought about giving a miss. Plus, there are in season too. So, munch on!


These luscious violet delights are simply hard to miss this season. Didn’t we especially love how it left our lips with that purplish tinge as kids? Says Kejal, “Jamun is amazing in vitamins, calcium as well as minerals like magnesium and potassium. It has super antioxidants and even diabetics can eat it. The goodness has only around 55 to 65 calories in 100 grams.” Wait there’s more…the fruit’s vitamin A and C help in flushing the toxins out of the body, giving one that radiant glow. Plus, it also helps in treating stomach related disorders.

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Water Chestnuts

Water what? Many have forgotten or are not even aware of this little wonder.  Says Kejal, “Also known as singhara, the fruit is very good for women as one gets a lot of fibre, potassium, manganese and B6 vitamins from it.” Yes, men can enjoy it too. Being mostly water, it is low in calories, keeps you full for longer and thus ideal for those who are watching their diet. The crunchy star is also packed with antioxidants and helps diminish the risk of oxidative stress.

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A common feature in the morning buffets of high-end hotels, this melon is a great way to begin your day. As per Kejal, “Muskmelon is a good pick as it has a lot of fibre and good carbs. Anybody and everybody can have this fruit.” She adds, “They come with vitamins, potassium, magnesium and antioxidants.” A special brownie point for weight watchers is that it revs up one’s metabolism also.  To top it, the melon’s high amount of Vitamin A enhances vision, folate content makes it ideal for pregnant woman and potassium nutrient aids in regulating blood pressure.

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A tropical treat, the chikoo is known for its toothsome taste and super smooth texture.  Says Kejal, “Chikoos are very good for a pregnant woman as they help in the sweet cravings and are nutritious too.” Some of the goodness it contains include fibre, vitamins, potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, thiamine and folate. Further, the fruit’s anti-inflammatory properties keep the stomach in order whereas potassium and magnesium contribute to a healthy heart. Keep to one and a half and you do not have to worry about the calories. Kejal stresses, “Please do not have it as a milkshake or juice. Just remove the seed and have the whole thing.”

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Another tropical goodness, the guava is not only tasty, but it also comes with innumerable benefits. The green wonder is exceptionally high in Vitamin C and contains lycopene, antioxidants and manganese. Thus, making it good for the skin and overall health. Here is what you probably were not aware of. As per Kejal, “Guava is an amazing stress buster and it improves your blood circulation as well. If you have a particular type of injury like some burns or cracks, it is good for healing too!” Studies also indicate that this fruit can be helpful in hindering the growth of cancerous cells to a certain extent.

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Jujube (Ber)

One can go on munching on this bite-sized fruit! Did you know that in ancient Chinese medicine, ber is used to treat insomnia? That is because it contains saponin that helps promote sleep. That apart, this wonder is also believed to alleviate anxiety to an extent, strengthen the immunity and regulate blood pressure. Kejal adds, “Ber is very good for your weight loss and helps in your digestion too! It has a good amount of calcium, Vitamin A, C and potassium, making it beneficial for skin and bones.” The tangy treat also contains a high quantity of fibre.

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Fruit trivia:

Kejal shares some of her nuggets of wisdom…

  • Do not club fruits with your meals, it is best had it on its own. If you really do not like it the way it is, have it on top of your yoghurt or smoothie bowl.
  • You can enjoy fruits around 11 am or 5 pm as a mid-meal.
  • Have all the seasonal fruits (unless you have a medical condition), just ensure that you are within limits.

So, stack up on these fruits and reach for them during your in-between meal hunger pangs!

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